Book 2: Skimpression


Love and Math by Edward Frenkel

Love and Math by Edward Frenkel is the story of a Russian boy with dreams of becoming a mathematician, but due to his Jewish lineage, was unable to do so in the traditional route. This book is not only inspiring in the way in which Frenkel persevered through hardships and trials, but it’s interesting in how a young Jewish mathematician had to go about expanding his knowledge and horizons not all that long ago. He would sneak into other universities to attend math classes, meet with a tutor every couple of weeks and work on math himself in the confines of his home. Through this book, he hopes to “unlock the power and beauty of mathematics” for everyone—not just those who are mathematically minded. 

He wants math to become part of culture—like science, DNA and cancer. It’s a vast, untraveled world that Frenkel wants to expose to society. His goal is to provide all with a general access to a seemingly inaccessible subject. From “skimming” this book, I believe that he does an amazing job of taking a difficult topic and making it readable for all types of people.

I highly recommend this book and hope to finish it in the near future myself. You can’t help but connect with this young man, because of all the adversity he faced and yet he still came out on top. This is what drew me into the book, and the math made me want to continue. It was so readable and extremely fascinating, that I wanted to know more and find out what he saw in mathematics. I know why I enjoy it, but I love hearing from others why they find it such an incredible area of study.


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